Suffering may be an inevitable aspect of life and there is much we cannot control.  When I suffered a personal tragedy in October 2014, I felt it became necessary to create something positive to emerge from the tragedy.  I didn't have a choice in what happened, but I became determined to forge something positive from the unthinkable occurrence.  This was the birth of Constant

Faced with difficult circumstances, I began photographing the sky.  It changes quickly and constantly; not unlike life.  Each piece in Constant represents a moment, a change, and the choices we are left with as a result.  Can hope or betterment be crafted from tragedy?  

When installed, the individual photographs are treated as window panes, placed together to form larger windows.  The windows themselves, as well as their succession, tell a story.  What is yours?  Looking back, do moments of challenge craft us into something stronger?  Can we find a way for this to be true?  Do we create it?

The Project begins with nephology and continues with different aspects of the hydrologic cycle, based on the concept that there is no new water; all water is recycled.  The water you and your loved ones drink today may greet you once again in a spring storm.  This furthers the concept of change, adaptability, reinvention, and moreover, interconnection of all life on the planet.

Constant continues by exploring climate change and the effects our modern life has upon aspects of the hydrologic cycle, and further results of these changes; from pollution and other factors effecting limnology, to oceanography and glaciology and the results of rising sea levels.