Constant is an ongoing project that considers the constant change we all are a part of that is ever-evolving life. In this way the project offers hope; stated simply it is about making the most of things. Full of mountains and valleys, life is a landscape of changes we experience. Constant celebrates change as a constant and considers the choices we are left with as a result of, sometimes in spite of, difficult circumstance. A friend told me in her Buddhist practice she envisions her mind as a clear blue sky, with thoughts passing through represented as clouds drifting by. The idea is that thoughts are not a part of you and the thoughts you choose shape you. This is referenced in Constant, though the main purpose of the cloud scenes is to represent changes or occurrences. I print the cloud scenes on aluminum sheets and place them together as to form a window. Is life a bit like that? With each moment or change we experience, is it a part of a larger picture? Is something building? In my painting practice, and life itself, I have moments where things feel comfortable, but I must take risks for improvement. I trust that even if I make a mistake, it will turn out alright. I think life is like that. Can we craft it to be so? Can we choose to craft something positive from our changes and life events, even when difficult, just as we choose our thoughts? I think this offers a lot of hope. By placing the scenes together into a larger window, I consider this concept while improving the space the installation inhabits.