Gallery Gallery

I'm thrilled to announce the opening of Gallery Gallery at

A Call for Art is now live for our first exhibition and the finest quality framed prints are available. I look forward to supporting other artists as a curator and promoter. 

Remembrance and Celebration Community Altar Project at SoHE, UW Madison


My altar box, in honor of my father Jeffrey David Knickmeier (Class of 1974) is on display in the Link at the School of Human Ecology as part of the Remembrance and Celebration Community Altar Project.  This project has been very meaningful to me.  The altar box I made for my father is a mandala of local leaves.  I encourage everyone to see it for yourself!

The exhibit will run until November 6, with an opening this evening, November 1, from 4-5pm.


International Crane Foundation Poetry in the Prairie

The above image was tweeted by and is credited to Lauren Fischer.

The above image was tweeted by and is credited to Lauren Fischer.

My haiku, written for ICF's Poetry in the Prairie competition is currently displayed in the prairie at the international headquarters in Baraboo, Wisconsin.  Come visit the ICF and the cranes and enjoy some of the hiking trails.  This project is a beautiful way to support the cranes and promote poetry.

My poem is located across from the Wattled Cranes near the trailhead for the nature trails.

Bridge Art Gallery's Refresh Exhibit


I am happy to announce I am taking part in the Bridge Art Gallery's Refresh Exhibit from June to November in Rochester, New York.  Two pieces are included in the exhibition.

Constant Reception at Overture Cente



Friday night was the reception for Constant at Overture Center!  It was amazing to speak and have such an outstanding audience.  I appreciate everyone who attended, organized, and asked some really thought-provoking questions.  It was also fantastic to meet so many caring and dedicated artists and community members.  I greatly appreciated meeting everyone involved in the Captured exhibit and the richness they brought to the juxtaposed exhibits.  

Special thanks to Beth Racette and Meri Rose Ekberg (gallery coordinators at Overture), and everyone involved in Captured: Amber Sowards, Simone Doing, Max Puchalsky, and Ali Muldrow (for providing an important and meaningful exhibition in Gallery II).

Extra special thanks to my squad who attended by personal invitation!

Constant Installation in Overture Center Gallery II


Constant is currently installed in Overture Center Gallery II.  Take the opportunity to witness it for yourself.  16 x 24 and 24 x 36 dye sublimation prints on aluminum 2015-2016.

Constant Installed at Overture Center


My solo exhibition, Constant is currently installed in Overture Center Gallery II.  Stop by and experience the work.  Art is best witnessed live!

Join us for the reception:  July 14, 6-8pm


Solo Show at Overture Center Gallery II


I am thrilled to announce my solo exhibition at Overture Center for the Arts in downtown Madison, Wisconsin.  My project, Constant will open June 13th.  The reception is July 14th from 6-8pm.

Come for the catered reception, experience the work (including previously unseen pieces), meet some new people, and enjoy a lovely evening.


Points of Departure Exhibit at JMKAC


My piece, Visions Universal is part of the Points of Departure exhibit at the John Michael Kohler Art Center Gallery.  The exhibit will be on display from October 23 to January 15, 2017.

My work is currently being printed on aluminum sheets through the process of dye sublimation.  The resulting work takes on new life as it is viewed live, with an almost holographic quality.  The work appears almost 3D, changing slightly as it is viewed from different angles and a variety of lighting.  I find the process to increase visual interest.  I hope you are able to witness the vivid metals live to experience them!  

Featured Artist for Thought Collection

The above photograph is new work from my current project,   Deciduous.

The above photograph is new work from my current project, Deciduous.

This month I am honored to be the featured artist for Thought Collection.  Stop by: sign up for the newsletter, read, learn, connect, enjoy. 

Announcing Publication on The Artist Unleashed

My article, Words of Encouragement for Artists and Writers has been chosen for publication on The Artist Unleashed.  The post goes live tomorrow.  This blog publishes honest work by writers with a tone of encouragement; relatable true stories or sentiments to help other creatives on their path.  I love the work and am honored to be a part of it.  I encourage you to stop by and enjoy this collection of inspiring work.