Artist Statement

I’m Caroline.

I grew up spending time on building and remodel sites when I wasn’t fishing, on the water, or taking a road trip. My grandfather was a builder and carpenter, among many other things of course. He was foreman at Mashall Erdman in the 1950s when he personally worked with and supervised the construction of a legendary Frank Lloyd Wright. I grew up listening to his stories about Mr. Wright. Spending time around the carpenters of my family and helping on projects put some saw dust deep in my soul.

In college I lived in the wild west and had many timber framing friends. They taught me to climb and I started peeling logs for timber frames. One summer I did siding and loved being outside working with my hands.

After moving back to the Great Lakes Region I couldn’t kick my love of the building arts. I began designing projects for interiors to improve spaces. My Constant Project emerged when I earned a solo exhibition at Overture Center and considered how to present the work in a way that would uplift the space. Since then I have installed permanent installations of Constant at St. James Lutheran in Verona, Wisconsin (working with an architect and interior designer after the remodel) and GMK Architecture in Madison, Wisconsin.

My journey continues as I earn a Masters in Architecture and add to my knowledge, passions, and skills. I’m curating online exhibitions at Gallery Gallery to support the arts.


Caroline Knickmeier is a fine artist, designer, goldsmith, published writer, gallery owner, and curator in Madison, Wi. Her work is ultimately concerned with growth, healing, and designing spaces that are conducive to improving lives and supporting and inspiring others on their journey. Her architectural studies are aimed at connecting people to nature and health and wellness through design that inspires and supports people in living their best lives.

Her work is autobiographical and her writing, painting, ceramics, and photography have been published and displayed across the globe. Her Constant Windows are available at and GMK Architecture, where her paintings are represented. She knows the power of good design and fine art to influence and improve our lives and enjoys consulting and working with architects, builders, and interior designers to place fine art.

She exhibits widely in venues such as Overture Center, Janet Carson Gallery, JMKAC, UW Lofts Gallery, Edgewood College Gallery, Arterie Fine Art Gallery, and Gallery Marzen, among others. She has had poetry, creative nonfiction, nonfiction, photography, and paintings published in a variety of projects and literary journals including Yahara Journal, Thought Collection Publishing, LED Publishing, Apeiron Review, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, The Voices Project, FSTOP, The Artist Unleashed, The Birds We Piled Loosely, Main Street Rag Publishing, and Oh Dear Beast, among others. Her solo show Constant was recently exhibited at Overture Center. Permanent installations can be viewed live at St. James Lutheran Verona and GMK Architecture in Madison, Wisconsin.

Gallery Gallery

Gallery Gallery is an online gallery based out of Madison, WI. Exhibitions will display high quality, intelligent and relevant, necessary fine art. Caroline Knickmeier is the owner and lead curator.