Artist Statement

It is a miracle to be alive at any moment. I am endlessly fascinated by and curious about the human ability to rise despite circumstance and to choose happiness in spite of personal struggle. This is what my practice investigates and celebrates. In short, I am interested in the way art can be a process and a representation of rising, of making the most of the happiness we can choose despite challenges. 

If "success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome," (Booker T. Washington) then the act of making art is a success and the product created is a reminder of the human ability to create something positive and choose beauty and goodness despite suffering and struggle.

My abstract architecture represents that which we cannot control and abstract skies represent the freedom we still possess despite it. 

I created Constant to celebrate and create even amid the difficult and began Gallery Gallery to improve interiors by connecting people to nature through works of art and to promote other artists. When we lift one another up, everyone is better off.


Caroline Knickmeier is a fine artist, gallery owner and curator in Madison, Wi. She works tireslessly to create and promote quality and intelligent fine art. Her work is autobiographical and her writing, painting, and photography have been published and displayed across the globe. She believes fine art changes lives and promotes creating it and living with it.

She exhibits widely in venues such as Overture Center, Janet Carson Gallery, JMKAC, UW Lofts Gallery, Edgewood College Gallery, Arterie Fine Art Gallery, and Gallery Marzen, among others. She has had poetry, creative nonfiction, nonfiction, photography, and paintings published in a variety of projects and literary journals including Yahara Journal, Thought Collection Publishing, LED Publishing, Apeiron Review, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, The Voices Project, FSTOP, The Artist Unleashed, The Birds We Piled Loosely, Main Street Rag Publishing, and Oh Dear Beast, among others. Her solo show Constant was recently exhibited at Overture Center. Her work is created in and around Madison, Wisconsin.

Gallery Gallery

Gallery Gallery is an online gallery based out of Madison, WI. Exhibitions will display high quality, intelligent and relevant, necessary fine art. Caroline Knickmeier is the owner and lead curator.