Artist Statement

I capture beauty amid mundane, because if you can take that view, life is always beautiful.

It is the viewpoint of the photographer that creates a photograph, not the subject, nor the camera.

I'm an artist because the work is never done. There is always more to create and give back, always more humanity needs.

I grew up around building sites and chainsaws. My grandfather was a foreman for Marshall Erdman and personally knew Frank Lloyd Wright. He worked with Mr. Wright and built one of his Usonian homes. Perhaps carpentry and creating are an innate part of me.

I was raised traveling and taught to appreciate everything, specifically nature. My photography is an extension of my ability to find beauty amid and appreciation for the overlooked or seemingly mundane aspects of life. I see endless potential and beauty everywhere. I work to improve lives with problem solving and creating.

I've studied literature, humanities, forestry, philosophy, communication, and the arts. I've lived in more places than I am years old and attended 6 institutes of higher education, soon to be 7. I love learning and if life was long enough, I'd love to earn a degree in every.thing. I'm currently on track to earn a Masters in Architecture.


Caroline S. Knickmeier is an artist and writer. She grew up traveling and experiencing life in the city, the wild, and on a variety of college campuses. She was born along the Mississippi River in southwestern Wisconsin where she dodged rattlesnakes and caught fish. She lived off the grid and protected endangered species in remote locations of Hawaii for the National Park Service. Her BA was earned from the University of Minnesota and the University of Montana in Liberal Studies and Wilderness. Studies continued at Flathead College in professional goldsmithing and Madison College, where she studied painting, photography, and ceramics. Presently she is studying Communication at UW Madison with Continuing Studies and "The Architectural Imagination" online with Harvard. All of her work is done in-camera, all work is unaltered.

She exhibits widely in venues such as Overture Center, Janet Carson Gallery, JMKAC, UW Lofts Gallery, Edgewood College Gallery, Arterie Fine Art Gallery, and Gallery Marzen, among others. She has had poetry, creative nonfiction, nonfiction, photography, and paintings published in a variety of projects and literary journals including Yahara Journal, Thought Collection Publishing, LED Publishing, Apeiron Review, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, The Voices Project, FSTOP, The Artist Unleashed, The Birds We Piled Loosely, Main Street Rag Publishing, and Oh Dear Beast, among others. Her solo show Constant was recently exhibited at Overture Center. Her work is created in and around Madison, Wisconsin.